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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

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Matt Harper-Harmony 2012-13

Harmony Environmental is owned and operated by Matt Harper of Onion Lake Cree Nation.The business has been in operation for the past5 years. It began operations by providing environmental services to local oil companies. Matt obtained his training and mentorship from his dad Kurt Ira Harper.In 2009 Matt expanded his environmental services to include fluid hauling with Askiy Apoy fluid hauling.He also provided services to Beretta Pipeline and Construction with spill clean ups along with gravel hauling, building lease sites, road maintenance and towing. During this time of expansion and provision of alternate services, Harmony Environmental Services had increased their staff component and today Harmony Environmental has over 20 employees, 24 to be exact. Matt Harper continues to work alongside his employees each day and no matter how busy his schedule is, he always makes the time to interact with his employees and customers. As a single parent, Matthas shown his commitment and dedication to his family without neglecting his business.

Today Harmony Environmental has expanded their services to provide bobcat service, towing, oilfield gravel and sand hauling, water pumping, spill clean ups, snow plowing, fluid hauling, road construction and vac truck services. Matt has his own service shop and with the large number of equipment pieces he employs a full time mechanic to keep his equipment operational.

Matt Harper has proven to be an excellent entrepreneur and business man. He has demonstrated excellent business and financial management skills with the assistance of good financial record keeping. He is a great example of a First Nation owner/manager who has takenhis company from a small conception idea to creating a business reality. Harmony Environmental has now gained vendor status with Onion Lake Cree Nation, thus allowing the company to do direct billing with local oil companies. A feat that is hard to accomplish unless you can prove that you are a very reliable and trusting partner in the oilfield business.

On behalf of the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc., it is with great pleasure and pride that the SIEF ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT AWARD is presented to Mr. Matt Harper. Thank you for your continued support and congratulations on your willingness to be a leader in creating First Nations success.

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