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Commercial/ Agriculture Loans

SIEF offers commercial and agricultural loans to First Nation entrepreneurs and businesses in the form of developmental loans.

SIEF’s Commercial Account Officer and Agriculture Account Officer can explain the loans and other forms of commercial financing available as well as the eligibility criteria.

Commercial loans

SIEF assists First Nation entrepreneurs in a variety of industry sectors. Through our development lending products, SIEF supports you with startups, acquisitions and expansions by providing capital and working capital loans.

Agricultural loans

SIEF’s agricultural department assists First Nation entrepreneurs to develop and/or maintain your agriculture operation. SIEF works with agricultural operations that vary in size from small mom-and-pop operations to full-scale, full-time operations. In accordance SIEF provides assistance and business support to what the individual producer feels they can maintain. It is SIEF’s mandate that all sizes of operations receive the best support, assistance, and respect as all the others as farming operations are not just pastimes. They are a way of life.

Solutions to your loan needs

SIEF’s Commercial Account Officer and Agriculture Account Officer can explain the following solutions to your lending needs.

The following loans are available to those who meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Capital loans: Businesses usually need to purchase assets to begin operating. SIEF can provide a loan for purchases for your business.
  • Operating loans: Daily operations may see your business running short on cash. SIEF may be able to provide a short-term loan to meet these needs.
  • Participation loans: SIEF will consider partnering with another financial institution in Saskatchewan should your financing needs exceed the lending limits of SIEF.
Eligibility criteria

The business must be First Nation-owned with at least 51 per cent ownership. It must be operating in Saskatchewan or perform the majority of the work/operation in Saskatchewan.

The applicant must be:
  • First Nations and a resident of Saskatchewan.
  • at least 18 years old.
  • starting a new business, acquiring an existing business, or expanding a current business.
The applicant must have:
  • prepared a business plan with financial projections for a minimum of three years.
    • Business advisory services are available through SIEF’s Business Development Officers.
  • completed a commercial or agricultural loan application.
    • This loan application must be signed and returned to Commercial Account Officer and Agriculture Account Officer.
  • adequate collateral so that the loan is fully secured.
  • cash equity to use towards the business as SIEF will not provide 100 per cent financing.

Our services have been developed to effectively enhance the entrepreneur’s ability to succeed. We provide business consulting services to First Nation Individuals, First Nation communities, Tribal Councils, or other First Nations organizations that are interested in business advice and information.

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