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First Nation entrepreneurs wanting to develop businesses in Saskatchewan have SIEF to help you access the capital you need to turn your dreams to reality.

Capital is a key component needed to generate economic development and jobs in First Nation communities, but it is not always accessible to First Nation entrepreneurs through larger financial institutions (such as chartered banks). SIEF was established in 1986 to fill this business financing need and to serve a niche market of First Nation Entrepreneurs.

SIEF staff look forward to learning more about your business needs to support your efforts to turn your dreams to reality.

Our Business Development Officers and Account Officers work with First Nation entrepreneurs as clients, helping you access programs, services and loans to start, acquire or expand a business in Saskatchewan. These services have been developed to effectively enhance the entrepreneur’s ability to succeed.


SIEF provides commercial and agricultural lending for First Nation individuals and communities wanting to start a business, acquire a business or expand an existing business in Saskatchewan.


There are also business development programs. The SIEF Contribution Program is a needs-based, conditional grant program for First Nation entrepreneurs and businesses. The Indigenous Women Entrepreneur (IWE) Program assists First Nation women wanting to start or grow your own business in Saskatchewan.

SIEF has helped First Nation entrepreneurs develop thousands of businesses and create thousands of jobs in Saskatchewan over more than three decades.

Each year, SIEF awards the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to recognize those First Nation entities exemplifying forward movement and involvement to create sustainable economic development for First Nations of Saskatchewan.

SIEF is recognized as one of Canada’s first and largest Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFI).

It is owned by the 74 First Nations of Saskatchewan and affiliated with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, Inc. (FSIN). Our goal is to continue to assist in the creation of jobs and to foster economic growth for First Nations people because a strong Indigenous business community means financial independence for all First Nations people.

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SIEF’s office is located in Saskatoon on the Asimakaniseekan Askiy Reserve, but we are available to visit your organization or community to present information and answer questions about starting, acquiring or expanding a business in Saskatchewan. We also visit clients’ businesses across Saskatchewan.

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