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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

SIEF presents the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award each year as part of our commitment to developing a strong economic base among First Nations in Saskatchewan.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award recognizes a First Nation entity exemplifying forward movement and involvement to create sustainable economic development for First Nations of Saskatchewan.

The award is presented each year at SIEF’s annual general meeting in November.

SIEF presented the first Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in 2011. Learn more about each of the recipients of this honour.

Criteria for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

The business owner/operator can apply for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award or be nominated.

The award goes to an owner/operator who has been in business at least one year who demonstrates your business is viable and sustainable. They can be a First Nation individual, business, corporation, organization, or a First Nation.

The business must also have a focus on First Nation business/economic development.

In the submission, the applicant/nominator is asked to describe:

  • the number of employees,
  • the value of the business to the community,
  • their use of various management tools and
  • a testimony about the entrepreneur’s determination, drive and process to achieve success.

SIEF’s goal is to continue to assist in the creation of jobs and to foster economic growth for First Nations people because a strong Indigenous business community means financial independence for all First Nations people.