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SIEF’s staff are well-qualified, business-minded individuals dedicated to growing the First Nation entrepreneurial and business spirit in Saskatchewan.
We connect First Nation entrepreneurs with innovative financial products and services.

Our Business Development Officers and Account Officers work with First Nation entrepreneurs as clients, helping you access programs, services and loans to start, acquire or expand a business in Saskatchewan. These services have been developed to effectively enhance the entrepreneur’s ability to succeed.

We visit communities across Saskatchewan to present information and answer questions about starting, acquiring or expanding a business in Saskatchewan. We also visit clients’ businesses to ensure they have the resources they need to operate efficiently.

Please contact SIEF by phone or email or visit our office to arrange a visit.

General Manager

Terry Brodziak, – General Manager

Administration Staff
Barb Tawpisin
– Office/Human Resource Manager

April Sanderson
– Administrative Assistant

Ray Jones
– Accountant

Loan Staff
Rachel Fisher
– Commercial Account Officer


Jennifer Sutherland
– Agriculture Account Officer

Program Staff
Diane Peepeetch
– Business Development Officer

Lorrie Murphy
– Business Development Officer

Melanie Sunchild
– Business Support Officer
(Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneur)

Applying for SIEF assistance

SIEF staff look forward to learning more about your business needs to support your efforts to turn your dreams to reality.

SIEF provides business lending solutions and business consulting services and administer lending programs and services, including commercial and agricultural loans as well as programs such as the SIEF Contribution Program (a needs-based, conditional grant program) and the Indigenous Women Entrepreneur (IWE) Program.

If SIEF seems to be the answer to your business needs, there is some information we need from you to be of assistance.

We start the process with an application form. Either the either the Commercial Account Officer or Agricultural Account Officer will guide you through the process from the initial application to completion.

The application form will allow you to outline your personal information, describe what you want to accomplish and state the dollar amount of assistance needed to bring your dream to reality.

The application form can be downloaded from this website, picked up at our office or emailed to you.

Once we receive your application form, either the Commercial Account Officer or Agricultural Account Officer will assess its contents to determine how we may be able to help.