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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

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Points Athabasca File Hills Qu’Appelle (PAFHQ) Contracting 2015-16

The Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation is pleased to provide the venue and sponsorship for the annual “Entrepreneurial Spirit Award”. This award is given to a First Nation entity that is a business, corporation, individual or First Nation that exemplifies forward movement and involvement to creating sustainable economic development for the First Nations of Saskatchewan.

It is an honor that we were able to present the fifth Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to Points Athabasca FHQ Contracting (PAFHQ). PAFHQ was built on a vision of maximizing First Nation equity ownership; longer, sustainable growth and diversification; and building opportunity together with First Nation communities and members. It was created in December 2011 as a partnership among FHQ Developments, Points Athabasca Contracting and Graham Business Trust.

The partnership model builds on the success of Points Athabasca Construction Ltd. And Athabasca Basin Developments Ltd. PAFHQ Contracting is owned by FHQ Developments (50%), Points Athabasca Contracting (17%) and Graham Construction (33%). Together this partnership group directly benefits 18 Saskatchewan First Nations, which include 11 communities among the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council and 7 communities in Saskatchewan’s northern Athabasca region.

Building capacity is a major theme for the company and drives not only where they do business but how they do business. As a locally owned and operated company, they have a vested interest in the development of the region and work to ensure that projects will have long-term and mutually sustainable benefits to local communities and companies operating in the region.

This partnership continues to focus on enhancing opportunities for First Nation communities and citizens in Saskatchewan. Building capacity is a major driver for the company, it has a vested interest in the development of local communities.

One of PAFHQ’s major strengths is to help their clients engage First Nations, as well as to support First Nations communities to incorporate themselves as significant members on projects in their own back yards. This is accomplished through community involvement, development and investment. Examples of how PAFHQ achieves its goals for local project involvement is through recruiting, backed by community owners, encouraging and supporting employee training and upgrading programs, and assisting local social projects and programs that enhance the communities in their region.

These initiatives have allowed PAFHQ to set itself apart as a dynamic company with all the right ingredients for steady, locally supported growth that provides positive returns for both clients and shareholders. The mandate and unique structure allows PAFHQ to consider expansion into any area that requires access to integral and valuable human resources and to build projects that are mutually beneficial to First Nations communities and companies that operate in Saskatchewan.

It is important that the First Nation community celebrate our achievements. It is important to raise the standard of business success within the First Nation provincial economy and it is important for us to recognize the hard work and devotion of these First Nation entrepreneurs.

Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc. is truly pleased to present the 2015 SIEF Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to PAFHQ Contracting. Congratulations.

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