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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

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Lillian McKay 2014-15

The Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation is pleased to provide the venue and sponsorship for the annual “Entrepreneurial Spirit Award”. This award is given to a First Nation entity that is a business, corporation, individual or First Nation that exemplifies forward movement and involvement to creating sustainable economic development for the First Nations of Saskatchewan.

It is an honor that we present the fourth SIEF Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to Lillian McKay of Lil McKay Enterprises Inc.

Lillian McKay is a First Nation woman entrepreneur from Canoe Lake/Eagle Lake Cree Nation who is fluent in both Cree and English. For many years Lillian had seen the need for housing programs in Aboriginal communities. This need is still very evident in our communities. Every First Nation community struggles to meet the demand in providing quality, comfortable and safe living for their members.

After furthering her education in commerce, Lillian decided that she would be able to fill a gap in services for the Northern residents of First Nation communities and build a family business that would be sustainable for herself and her family. In 2008, Lillian embarked on a new venture to make a difference in First Nation housing. In May of that year Lil McKay Enterprises was established to offer construction services in the North. With a lot of hard work and determination, Lillian began providing new home construction and renovation services to Northern First Nation communities.

This industry has been very challenging, but it has been especially very rewarding for Lillian because of the role she has played in a non-traditional field. Lil McKay Enterprises Inc. operates in the Northern boreal forests of Canoe Lake. They have worked with many housing groups to provide solutions to housing concerns. They have employed First Nations in various positions and have helped them advance in various trades to become successful in completing their apprenticeships.

Lillian McKay is very dedicated to her family and to the success of her business. Regardless of the size and scope of the construction project Lil McKay Enterprises makes sure that every project is built at an optimal level of quality and safety.

Today, Lil McKay Enterprises has proven its success through the sustainability and workmanship of their products. Housing is one of the largest values to a First Nation community and Lil McKay Enterprises works to maintain the integrity and commitment to keeping this value strong.

Lillian is very thankful for the support she has received from the First Nation communities.

It is important that the First Nation community celebrate our achievements. It is important to raise the standard of business success within the First Nation provincial economy and it is important for us to recognize the hard work and devotion of these First Nation entrepreneurs.

We are truly pleased to present the SIEF Entrepreneurial Spirit Award to Lillian McKay of Lil McKay Enterprises Inc. Congratulations.

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