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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

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Tazzy’s Tire Barn 2022-2023

2022-2023 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award winners

Helping others has paid off for Chester and Eleanor Agecoutay of Cowessess First Nation whose business, Tazzy’s Tire Barn, makes sure drivers from First Nations in southeastern Saskatchewan are in vehicles with four safe — and affordable — tires.

They understand their customers’ needs and that insight is helping them to grow the business.

He knows from his own life experience how much a family must spend to purchase tires they need. As a father of three daughters, he has owned around 12 vehicles at a time. That sent him looking for a more affordable source to purchase his tires. He found that source in Regina – a locally-owned tire shop that he learned about through some earlier employment. The owner of the shop agreed to sell him tires at a discounted price tax-free delivered to Cowessess.

He first sold tires to his co-workers at another job when they would ask him where he bought tires. Again, he went to the shop in Regina to buy sets to resell. The owner, who was aging and looking to exit the business, encouraged Chester to become an entrepreneur and taught him what he could about the tire business.

Tazzy’s Tire Barn sells tires at a very competitive price. His three suppliers tell him the business is doing more volume than tire shops in Regina.

In the last six years, he has only had four customers of his more than 800 customers not pay their bill. “Every business is going to lose some money,” says Chester.

“But at least I know they are safe with those tires. And when you treat people well, it all comes back to you.”

“It’s been a great ride for us,” says Chester.

Thank you, Chester and Eleanor, you are an excellent example of a First Nation business working to create sustainability. The work you have done to create success in this business is very important in furthering the First Nation business community. SIEF Congratulates the 2022 winner of the SIEF Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, Chester and Eleanor Agecoutay of Tazzy’s Tire Barn

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