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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

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Alfred Crain 2020-21

The income Alfred Crain receives from his two businesses helps pay the bills and put food on the table for his family. But it’s the fulfillment through helping others in the community that motivates him to go to work everyday.

For his efforts, Alfred is the recipient of the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation 2020Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. Alfred is the owner and operator of Muskoday Medical Taxi (25 years) and of A.C. First Nations Driving Academy(16 years).

“When you’re in business, your focus is on trying to achieve the integrity with your work and you don’t really look for any accolades or awards,” Alfred said. “So, when I first heard about winning this award, the first thought that came into my mind was about my students and, ‘Shoot,I’m going to miss a day of work to go accept this award.”

Alfred has a close connection with the students who come through his driver education course. He understands the challenges that come with not having access to independent transportation. He’s thankful he has an opportunity to help students overcome this obstacle.More than 3,000 students have come through his driving education program.

“The students in the driving training program face so many barriers with not having a licence,” he said. “When they get that licence, all of sudden the doors of employment open and the doors of opportunity open.”

“You see them months later driving a new car … that’s all because they got their licence and they’re now working and able to afford those things. The success they have is my true reward.”Alfred shares a similar sentiment through the work his medi-taxi offers to people in his community.

We’re providing transportation to people that aren’t in very good health … and the feedback we get from families and from clients and hearing their appreciation for our service is what really puts a smile on your face and lets you know thatwhat you’re doing is making a difference.

Alfred assumed control of Muskoday Medical Taxi three years ago from his father Jim Crain, who ran the business for 22 years. Jim Crain wanted one of his sons to continue the family business.

For my father, it was a 24-hour, on-call job and I saw the income he provided for my mother and for our family,”Alfred said. “And then I saw the look in his eye that day when we were out for lunch together. He didn’t have tosay anything because I could tell it meant a lot to him to keep the business in the family.

”Alfred is thankful for the support of friends and family inthe community.

“I would like to offer thanks to my nominators Chief Herman Crain and the Muskoday Council and staff,” hesaid. “It’s a huge honour for me to be recognized by my First Nations community members and the people I contract with and the team that I work with.

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